It is amazing that we have bodies. It is amazing our bodies can be seen. It is amazing those bodies can be seen and reach out to you and be reached by you. It's amazing those bodies smell so many different ways: like oysters, or caramelized onions, or root cellars in the fall. Lovertits takes the pro-sex flamboyance of traditional and neo-burlesque and smashes it together with the cerebral and awkward choreographic strategies of postmodern dance. 


Bryn Mawr College Performing Arts Series
Bryn Mawr, PA

January 2016
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Brooklyn, NY

March 2015
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Philadelphia Fringe Festival
Ruba Club, Philly

September 2014
*World Premiere*
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Co-creators and performers: Christina Gesualdi, Jenna Horton, Ilse Zoerb
Lighting Design: Andrew Thompson
Sound Design: Adriano Shaplin
Costume Design: Amy Martin and the creators

Special thanks to Amy Smith, without whom this piece would not be possible.

"Bodies are the locus for most meaning. The galloping amorphousness of Lovertits opened the gates to so much of it for me, my horses got tangled." -Kirsten Kaschock, thINKing Dance

The three performers grunt through the space. They climb tables. They drink the audience’s beer. Ilse Zoerb takes the ponytail baseball cap and screams “What the fuck is this hat on my head?” The hat owner give her a dollar. She brings it to the waist of her skirt then changes her mind. She tears the dollar up and yells “Suck it!” The audience hollars with support.

"Lovertits had an anti-climactic, non-event quality to me: a sort of collage of moments rather than the arc and fall of a particular scene. It wasn’t unpleasing but it did surprise me... [Lovertits] allowed the meaning inherent in what took place on stage to wash out over the audience at its own pace, letting a moment speak for itself rather than trying to speak through it."  -Kat Sullivan, thINKing Dance

Interested in bringing Lovertits to you? Want to see a video of the performance? Contact me!