Solo is a piece in which I attempt to locate myself within dance history, and how that dance history related to popular dance and music. It is also an early piece about grief, as I had just left Pink Hair Affair and was mourning that collaboration deeply. How do you keep dancing when it feels like there is no external stimulus? How do the ghosts of everyone that has touched me live within my body or within a space? How does the ghost of the rehearsal space live within the supposed 'neutrality' of the theater space? 


Conceived and performed by: Annie Wilson
Outside Eye: Sarah Lowry
Additional Choreography: Judson Laipply
Sound Design: Annie Wilson
Lighting Design: Annie Wilson and Joseph Glodek


Fresh Juice at Christ Church Neighborhood House
October 2012

Wild Punch at the Papermill
November 2011

Grab Bag at <fidget>
September 2011

Solo Choreographer and performer: Annie Wilson Additional choreography: Judson Laipply Music: Girl Talk Outside eye: Sarah Lowry part of Fresh Juice, produced by the Mascher Space Cooperative October 27th, 2012