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On being in the presence of Deborah Hay, and the history of events surrounding that experience in the studio.

The live version of every Judd Apatow movie: Still Standing You

Is North American dance in crisis? The DCA conference 2013

A dance for all bodies: my profound experience at Illadelph

What makes ballet contemporary?

On work that i've worked on:

This Is On Record

“This is on Record is successful political art because it is as universal as it is specific. It creates a context from which to look at our political moment that can offer comfort without betraying the reality of our despair. As the sound of the projectors winds down and we’re left in the silence of now with the echoes of always, it’s clear. This work matters.”

My Voice, Our Voice/Mi Voz, Nuestra Voz

Feminist flamenco: Passion and Presence

Leaps of Faith and Other Mistakes

*** Nominated for Barrymore for Best Choreography for the whole collaborative team, Winner of Barrymore for best original music by the incredible Melanie Hsu***
”LEAPS OF FAITH AND OTHER MISTAKES is a beautiful spectacle, full of humor, sadness, joy and handstands.

Hello! Sadness!
Mary managed to take everything I’ve been feeling about my place–physically, politically, occupationally, artistically–and reaffirm the fact and power of my existence.  All of my work is in the arts, and it’s been hard because I feel like, ‘what the fuck is the point of theatre right now?’”

Action is Primary

The Container and the Contained

Action is Primary is not a Ballet

The Garden 

An exhilarating exploration of space and self